NEAL ADAMS – EXTRA!: Adams ups the ante for his lost art — and Steve Niles

It’s Thursday, which means it’s Neal Adams Interviews day. I just posted the latest — but this just in: Adams is seeking help for Steve Niles, who was flooded out in Texas. Plus, he’s ready to donate $$ if he gets his lost art returned.

Said Adams: “If good wishes were luck, I would be the luckiest man in the world. I have literally had thousands of people wish me luck in finding those portfolios. May I please ask that some of those good wishes be transfered to Steve Niles, who has just lost his house to a flood. Can I also ask folks to send donations to at PayPal, in order to help Steve Niles to financially help put his family’s lives together again. I am feeling guilty about all the generous feeling sent to me, and Steve being in such a terrible position. If you can help, please do. Even if it is just a few dollars.”Adams also addressed the continuing situation with his missing art portfolios. “I truly believe they will be returned, and since I can’t thank everybody who helped, then in everybody’s behalf, I will be offering those pieces from the portfolios for sale and 50% of the money will be going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.”

Author: Dan Greenfield

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