NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES: Strange Adventures #208

Another excursion into the land of the Dead(man):

Neal Adams’ latest project is a Deadman miniseries launching Nov. 1. In tandem with that, we’re running NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES, a recurring series featuring the artist’s views on his work with DC’s ghostly avenger — some extensive, some brief — yesterday and today.

For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

If Strange Adventures #207 was marked by the haunting image of dozens of disembodied heads (click here), Adams’ follow-up is startling because of the large-scale, visible horror sketched onto our hero’s face.

Here’s Neal on Strange Adventures #208:

“Once again, I chose to use the dropout concept to create a big face in the color. So I did the big face as a separate drawing and then I had it dropped out in red and blue. People were not used to seeing faces that large on comic-book covers so it was a little bit surprising for people. And so it was a very memorable cover. And I managed to get the fight with Deadman and Eagle on the cover in spite of the gigantic face, who is screaming, and, of course, is Deadman.”

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For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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