A study in dimensionality.

Neal Adams’ latest project is a Deadman miniseries launching Nov. 1. In tandem with that, we’re running NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES, a recurring series featuring the artist’s views on his work with DC’s ghostly avenger — some extensive, some brief — yesterday and today.

For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

Here’s Adams on Strange Adventures #209:

Cover-dated 1968

“The next cover, #209, is another favorite of mine and what it is basically is a use of dimensionality. How do you create as much dimensionality (as you can) when you’re trying to show something falling toward you by doing an upshot?

“People didn’t do upshots in those days in comic books very much. There was a tendency not to draw realistically, or to take your camera and move around the composition and do it in such a way that you showed something unique and different. Nowadays we do it a lot but in those days we didn’t do it at all. It was always very much dead-on shots of what was going on.

“So that made that pretty unique. Also, it’s Eagle you see throwing the other character off the Ferris wheel. Drawing something in perspective like that is a great exercise for artists and, of course, was a great exercise for me. I had a great time doing it. Even though some artists might think it’s a pain in the butt, I don’t. I like it.”

NEXT: A Double Dose of the Dead.

For the complete NEAL ADAMS’ DEADMAN TALES Index of stories, click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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