Marvelous! DC to Release WHIZ COMICS #2 As a Facsimile Edition

Another Captain Marvel gem!

You said it, Gomer!

DC Comics’ next Facsimile Edition will be a perfect complement to the megapopular — and surprising — Marvel Family #1 that came out in October: Whiz Comics #2, featuring the original Captain Marvel’s 1939 first appearance, is headed your way in February 2023.

Dig the official solicitation info, released Friday:


Written by BILL PARKER
Cover by C.C. BECK

Holy moley! See Billy Batson utter the magic word “Shazam!” and summon Captain Marvel for the first time in this facsimile edition of Whiz Comics #2, featuring the Big Red Cheese, Dr. Sivana, Sterling Morris, and the wizard Shazam. This faithful re-creation also contains backup stories starring Ibis the Invincible, Spy Smasher, Scoop Smith, Dan Dare, and more, all restored to their vibrant four-color glory.

$6.99 US | 64 pages

A few thoughts:

A 6.0 copy sold in 2019 at Heritage Auctions.

— The issue is due Feb. 21, 2023. The timing is obvious: Shazam! Fury of the Gods is due to be released March 17, 2023.

— I do believe this is the first full-on, color reprint (including ads, backup stories and whatnot) of Whiz Comics #2 since 1974’s treasury-size Famous 1st Edition #F-4. As always, correct me if I’m wrong.

— The image released by DC is probably not final, but it does exclude the “Gangway for Captain Marvel!” blurb. Damn rights issues. (The Fawcett reference is also missing, which is to be expected, as well.)

— I’m really glad DC is reprinting these early Cap adventures. I will say, though, that I’m a little surprised that they haven’t released All-Star Comics #3, given how much attention the Justice Society is getting these days. But, hey, it still could happen, I suppose.

Standard Price Comparison: Originals are obviously very hard to come by. A slabbed, 6.0-rated copy sold in 2019 at Heritage Auctions for $150,666, including buyer’s premium. The Facsimile Edition is 7 bucks.


— The Lost C.C. Beck SHAZAM! Cover from 1973 — NOW IN LIVING COLOR. Click here.

— The Amazing HALLOWEEN Comic That Wasn’t: SHAZAM! vs. DRACULA — by GENE COLAN. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The closest to an additional full reprint would have been the Millennium Edition of Whiz #2 (#1).

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  2. I’ll buy 3-4 copies of this for the old spinner rack. But, I’ll be passing on the movie.

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    • I just realized the new version edited/censored Captain Marvel’s text at the bottom of the cover. How can something done years before lawyers got involved be wrong?!

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      • It’s strange, considering the recent Marvel Family facsimile copy was released with that title.

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  3. I remember when they released this in ths 70s! I wish they’d release #3 so I could read more about Ibis the Invincible!

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