It’s 2/22/22: Dig These 22 Classic TWO-FACE COVERS

And it’s a Tuesday!

Last year, we did 13 COVERS spotlighting Two-Face on 2/2/21 and at the time I said we just miiiiiight be back this year with 22 COVERS to celebrate 2/22/22!

And here we are — on a Tuesday, no less!

So if Harvey Dent doesn’t commit some kind of fiendish crime today, he’s falling down on the job.

Let’s break format together, shall we?

Rich Buckler pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Jim Aparo

Brian Stelfreeze


Tom Mandrake

Ernie Chan

Steve Geiger pencils, Giordano inks

Curt Swan pencils, George Klein inks



Nick Cardy

Andy Clarke

Buckler pencils, Jack Abel inks

Jerry Robinson

Mark Chiarello

Brian Bolland

Simone Bianchi

Dick Sprang


Bob Kane pencils, Robinson and George Roussos inks

Marshall Rogers pencils, Terry Austin inks


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— REVEALED! The Secrets Behind BATMAN VS. TWO-FACE. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Really, really, surprised Batman #234 isn’t here.

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  2. Twenty-two was two much two day but I loved them all. I am two confused, however, about the color of his left hand. Sometimes it matches his face and others it appears unblemished. Maybe there are two of him??

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  3. This is a pretty awesome way to celebrate an iconic “Batman” villain like Two-Face.

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  4. On this day of all days, and this article…I have to share this. My oldest son, born in 1992, watched Batman TAS reruns with me quite often. One day, I distinctly heard him call an episodes villain “Toothpaste”. I suppressed a chuckle, but asked him why he called him that. His reply was that “that’s his name because his face is the same color as my toothpaste.” Seemed perfectly logical to him since the show, and the action figure, made him look that way.

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