13 COVERS: Dig This TWO-RIFFIC Spotlight On TWO-FACE

Either way that coin comes up, it’s 2/2…

It’s Feb. 2 — Two-Face’s favorite day to commit mayhem. See, because it’s the second day of the second month. Plus, it’s Tuesday, the second day of the workweek.

(And I’m sure there’s a Groundhog Day gag in there somewhere too.)

Detective Comics #66, 1942: Two-Face’s first appearance. Bob Kane pencils. Inks by Jerry Robinson. Background inks by George Roussos.

Anyhoo, ol’ Harvey Dent is one of the all-time great baddies and I’ve never given him a 13 COVERS spotlight, so here you go.

And what happens next year on 2/2/22? 22 COVERS? Mayhap!

Dig it.

Neal Adams

Bob Kane pencils, Charles Paris inks

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Alex Ross

Win Mortimer

Mark Chiarello

Jim Aparo



Dick Sprang

Matt Wagner




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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Can’t wait for next year’s installment: 2/2/22!

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  2. Two-Face has always been my favorite Batman’s villain!

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  3. TOO many choices TO decide which is the best one or TWO. The one cover that makes my left eye widen the Detective 187. Suddenly Two-Face’s left damaged side is inverted to the right side of his body like a coin was flipped. All great choices from the 26th or 6.5th Dimension (depending if you divide or multiply by 2)

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  4. Two-Face is one of those characters who seemed to bring out the best in artists. Just like Batman, it’s just a cool visual that transcends time and story genres. It can be goofy fun or horribly gruesome.

    A great set of covers!

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  5. I have both BATMAN #313 & 314 with the WHITMAN Logo.
    My back issue hunting was going to Woolworths for the Whitman/DC 3 Pack of comics.

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