INSIDE LOOK: Chris Giarrusso Designs HASHTAG: DANGER

Even a-holes need to look good…

AHOY Comics’ second wave of titles is in full swing, with new additions Bronze Age Boogie and Planet of the Nerds among the publisher’s growing line of books. There’s also Hashtag: Danger — by satirist-in-chief Tom Peyer and artist Chris Giarrusso — which stars a fantastic team of adventurers who challenge the unknown and are narcissistic jerks besides:

From Issue #1

With Issue #2 out June 5, we’ve got an INSIDE LOOK at Giarrusso’s character designs that the artist put together exclusively for you, dear 13th Dimension readers.

My two cents? If this gets picked up for a TV series or film, the producers need to contact Richard Ayoade first thing.

Here’s Chris, along with Richard Williams’ unlettered cover for Issue #2:

Hashtag: Danger #2 is out June 5.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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