How to Help Keep TWOMORROWS in Business

If you love Back Issue, Alter Ego, RetroFan, Jack Kirby Collector, as well as other great mags and books, you’ll want to read this:

Brass tacks time, folks:

If you read 13th Dimension, you know how much like to support TwoMorrows PublishingBack Issue, Alter Ego, RetroFan, Jack Kirby Collector, you name it. We’re proud to excerpt their mags and books and are happy to keep you up to date on what’s coming from John Morrow, Michael Eury, Roy Thomas, Jon B. Cooke and co. Over the last week, we’ve let you know what’s coming in BI (click here and here), AE (click here), RF (click here), JKC (click here) and Comic Book Creator (click here).

Thing is, the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged this country has taken a tremendous economic toll on small companies like TwoMorrows and so they need an assist. Not charity, mind you. Help by purchasing their great publications with special deals and discounts.

“Just as our 25th Anniversary book and six new magazines were about to go on sale, our distributors, comics shops and bookstores all shut down,” said Morrow, the company chief. “We were left with huge losses from unsellable copies that had to be destroyed, printing bills to pay, and no idea when we’ll start receiving payments again.

“You can read the full details by downloading our new 2020 Update Flyer at this link. But in a nutshell, our immediate future depends on our loyal webstore and mail order customers,” he added.

Bottom line, there are three ways to support the company, according to Morrow:

1. Subscribe for a half-year! At this link, we’re temporarily offering less expensive half-year print and digital subscriptions, which let you support us for the short-term, then go back to purchasing at your local store as they reopen over the next few months.

2. Order back issues at 40% off! Download our new 2020 Digital Catalog at this link to get most of our older magazine issues at 40% off for a limited time! And get the World of TwoMorrows 25th Anniversary book to go behind-the-scenes of your favorite publications!

3. Tell your friends! Even if you can’t place an order now, please spread the word about TwoMorrows on social media! Every print and digital order helps keep the World of TwoMorrows spinning!

Here’s a partial preview of what you’ll find at the links Morrow mentioned above:

And here’s a quick look at some upcoming issues, all of which we’ve highlighted this past week or so:

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not a paid ad. I get no cut from this. I just want to make sure a company that fills such an important need for dedicated fans stays afloat.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. TwoMorrow’s magazines and books are awesome and SUCH a bargain, discount or no discount.

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  2. I’ve no knowledge of TwoMorrows, but I hope that they get all the support they need.

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  3. Twomorrows are the best and their publications are addictive. If you want a great deal, check out their bundle sales. Their back issues are very hard to find and certain ones command a premium price when you find them. The bundle deals give you a very large amount of stock for less then cover price per issue. I’ve recently purchased based bundle deals from them on Jack Kirby Collector, Back Issue, Alter Ego, and Modern Masters. I was 110% satisfied with the product and packaging. You can’t go wrong!

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  4. i could go crazy on their bundle deals but shipping to the UK makes it not viable.

    a real pity (i get Back Issue via my LCS, Strange Apparitions, who had never heard of Twomorrows – now he gets pretty much all of their releases!)

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