How MYSTERY IN SPACE #75 Gave the Fans What They Wanted

An INSIDE LOOK at the Mystery in Space #75 Facsimile Edition…

Fans often grouse that comics companies don’t listen to them. They do. They most certainly do. It’s a matter of how and when and it can range from the big and broad to the narrow and small.

For one relatively minor example: How did DC choose to have Adam Strange meet the Justice League of America — which you get to see in March 4’s Mystery in Space #75 Facsimile Edition?

Well, the story goes that in an issue of JLA, the Flash mentioned the space adventurer as a possible new member. But a letter to editor Julius Schwartz pointed out that the League couldn’t have heard of Strange since all his adventures took place on far-off Rann.

So what happened?

DC listened and put together a story in 1962’s Mystery in Space #75 called The Planet That Came to a Standstill!, by Gardner Fox, Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson. The story filled in the blanks and became a touchstone in League lore.

Check out these story pages from the Facsimile Edition, which naturally includes ads, letters and whatnot:

As usual for these INSIDE LOOKS, we have a selection of said ads to show off — and there are a couple of real DC-centric doozies in there:

Plus we also get a science lesson (education, kids!) and a meaningful PSA:

Last, but not least, are the ever-groovy letters pages:

A few thoughts:

— Now, not to knock this interesting footnote in DC history — far from it — but of all the Facsimile Editions DC could have produced, why Mystery in Space #75? Simple: March 4 is also the debut of Strange Adventures #1, by Tom King, Mitch Gerads and Doc Shaner. It’s a miniseries that deconstructs Adam Strange and I can tell you now that the Eisner voters are already gearing up their ballots.

Main Gerads cover

— For whatever reason, Adam Strange is a hero I learned to appreciate more as an adult than as a kid. He seemed passe in the ’70s but now he’s retro cool. This new series will bring him more attention than he’s had in years. (See: Mister Miracle.)

Shaner variant

Standard Price Comparison: An unslabbed, G-VG original copy recently sold for $35. The Facsimile Edition is $3.99.

— “Man, that was Outsville!” Thanks, Snapper! I’m gonna start working that into conversations.

— Hey, this is two straight weeks of Carmine Infantino Facsimile Editions. Swell!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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