HOT PICKS Gift Guide #5: Greg Capullo’s Joker

Greg Capullo’s terrifying version of the Joker gets an action figure-statue twofer as part of Batapalooza!



Ted Alexander of Midtown Comics in NYC picks: Batman Black & White Joker mini-statue, based on the Capullo design, from DC Collectibles. Last year, Scott Snyder and Capullo created an even scarier version of the Joker that we all knew and loved. When the Joker finally decides to wear a mask, he throws a curveball and … wears his own face. This piece catches him in all of that glory, taken straight from the Death Of The Family storyline. What I like best about this is it looks like he is performing the dance from “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley, which I know that Snyder is a big fan of. Suggested retail price: $79.95.

Dan here: I pick the DC Collectibles Joker action figure. I like statues and all but I’m an action figure guy through and through and this is a top-flight, highly detailed homicidal maniac. So if you’re going a little further down the cost scale, you cannot go wrong with this option. Suggested retail price: $24.95.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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