Groovy! Vintage DC COMICS Sticker Puzzle Book Coming Soon

We do like our stickers around here — and this books is a wonderful celebration of the Golden and Silver Ages…

Last year, Marvel produced one of the coolest books of 2020 — the Marvel Classic Sticker Book, which reprinted the House of Ideas’ 1974 and ’75 Topps sticker runs and the 1960s Philadelphia Chewing Gum set.

Well, DC has something pretty nifty coming in 2021, even if it’s substantially different: DC Sticker Art Puzzles: Classic Comic Book Covers, from Thunder Bay Press.

Dig this description, according to an Amazon listing:

These 15 sticker puzzles featuring classic DC Comics covers provide hours of enjoyment—and make fantastic artworks to display.

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash — the team is ready for an adventure through 15 sticker puzzles of classic comics covers from DC’s Golden and Silver Ages. Each challenge contains more than 100 sticker shapes to be fitted into a tessellated grid; when you’re done, you’ll have a full-color glossy art poster that you can hang on your wall. As you put the stickers in their proper places, a full-color artwork takes shape, and the results will delight every DC Comics fan! Plus, read all about these favorite heroes and villains and discover fascinating facts about the artists and creators of DC Comics characters and issues.

A few thoughts:

— I like that this focuses on the Golden and Silver Ages but I would love to see a Bronze Age version. That said, it’s fun to guess what covers will be included. I gotta figure Action Comics #1 and Batman #1 will be among them, but who knows? The Flash #177 would be a challenge!

— The 80-page book lists for $15.99 and is due Sept. 7.

— If that’s the final cover, how cool is it that the Justice Society of America gets that kind of billing? (UPDATED: Eagle-eyed 13th Dimension buddy Chris Franklin points out that the cover is a riff on 1947’s All-Star Comics #36. It was the first time Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman shared a cover. [It was by Irwin Hasen, by the way, though it also featured other artists’ work.] Thanks, Chris!)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Nice to see the cover of All-Star Comics #36 get some love. I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been featured in more merchandise over the years, being the first comic cover EVER with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together!

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  2. Sounds a bit like Colroforms (remember those?) to me!

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