FAR OUT! MARVEL Reprints Classic Vintage Stickers From ’60s and ’70s

PLUS: Corner box stickers — and MORE!

1970s reprints

Timing is everything, right? Just a couple months ago we posted 13 GROOVY 1970s TOPPS MARVEL STICKERS. (Click here to check it out. It’s a gas.)

But now it turns out those funky folks at Abrams ComicArts had a sneaky little project in the offing — the Marvel Classic Sticker Book:

Thing is, on the face of it, the pull-out poster book looks to feature Silver and Bronze Age images of the House of Ideas’ baddest and maddest. And that would be cool enough.

But really what this $12.99 beauty does is reprint the entire 1974 and ’75 Topps sticker runs and the 1960s Philadelphia Chewing Gum set.

Not only that, there’s a slew of classic corner-box stickers, as well as a series of character heads from various covers, old-school logos, and other images.

1970s reprints. I love that Son of Satan had stickers.

There are also classic pinups and blank comics pages so you can set up your own adventures if you have the temerity to peel the stickers off.

Dig more examples (there’s a ton more in the package):

1960s reprints


Corner boxes. And there are plenty more included in the packet.

For sticker aficionados, this is akin to 7-Eleven re-releasing its beloved Slurpee cups. (Oh, if only.) And it’s an incredible bargain, to boot. Complete 1974 and 1975 Topps sets recently sold as a lot (plus extras) for about $350 on eBay.

Fun time to be a fan of Marvel kitsch, isn’t it? Not only is the Marvel Classic Sticker Book now available at comics shops and online booksellers, but a boxed set reprinting the 1960s gumball-machine minicomics is due later in August from Abrams. (Click here for an INSIDE LOOK.) Plus, come this fall, we’ll get the hardcover Marvel Value Stamps: A Visual History, by Roy Thomas, also published by Abrams. (Click here for more on that.)

Fantastic Four pinup

Gotta tell you, it’s taking all my self-control not to blurt out “EXCELSIOR!”


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Nice! I’ll be getting a few to set aside for the grandkids. (On a side note, do get a credit if we use your link to the Amazon page? You should!)

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    • Thanks for thinking of me, Buck. I’m not an affiliate, though I suppose I should change that.

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  2. I should just dump my wallet into your site when I come over here. Just ordered my set.

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  3. Some great memories here, especially those corner boxes. They evoke a simpler more pleasant time…especially the prices.

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  4. Awesome sticker book. Thanks for another great article Dan!

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  5. I have this book, and as nice as it is, it does not reprint any full sets of these great Marvel stickers. The Philadelphia set had 55 cards, the book offers 26.
    I have original sets of the Topps stickers, and they are underrepresented too.
    Disappointing, but you can’t beat the price.

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