Dig These 13 Groovy 1970s TOPPS MARVEL STICKERS

What, were they written by Shecky Greene?

If things were normal, there’d be baseball right now. I bring that up because if you were a kid in the ’70s, there’s an excellent chance that if you were baseball fan, you collected Topps’ baseball cards. I know I did, with an absolute passion.

Baseball cards are still around, obviously, but we used to carry them in our pockets, trade ’em, flip ’em, and store them in a shoebox, not put each into a plastic sleeve with a pair of tweezers.

Then again, if you weren’t a baseball fan, you had plenty of options, among them Wacky Packages, Planet of the Apes cards, Star Wars cards — and Marvel Comics stickers.

Topps launched its Marvel line in 1974-’75 and the series featured stock art of Marvel’s biggest names and lesser lights, each with a word balloon spouting knee-slapper gags — some of which were surprisingly off-color and not all of which have aged particularly well.

Anyway, I’m sitting here on a sunny, 84-degree day thinking of those carefree days when you could ride your bike down to the 7-Eleven, grab a Slurpee and a couple of Topps wax packs — whatever your particular predilection.

So with that, dig these 13 GROOVY TOPPS MARVEL STICKERS.

Because summer’s almost here and the time is right.


— 13 Far Out MARVEL SLURPEE CUPS of the ’70s. Click here.

— MARVEL VALUE STAMPS Illustrated History Book Coming in 2020. Click here.

Sticker images from bubblegumcards.org.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I wonder if the Ghost Rider one influenced Peter Fonda’s casting in the first Ghost Rider film?

    Oh & the one above it…. just when you thought GIANT-SIZE MAN-THING wasn’t descriptive enough…. ; ) XD

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  2. Man, would love to have those.

    I was speaking the other day of the Star Wars stickers that were out when the first movie was out. We’d collect them out of boxes of Count Chokula. They spelled the droids names out as SEE THREEPIO, ARTOO-DETOO. I had sets of those too.

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  3. My brother and I had all of these and more plastered all over the inside of our bedroom closet doors. I had the distinct displeasure of scraping them off many years later to repaint the doors. That adhesive residue was really tough to clean off…

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