Holy switcheroo!

AHOY Comics’ first title — The Wrong Earth — has got some buzz around it for good reason. It’s got a kicky premise and a top-notch creative team led by writer Tom Peyer and artist Jamal Igle.

The gist? Chances are you know already if you’ve been following along with us. But just in case, the series is basically about a campy ’60s-style caped crusader — Dragonflyman — who switches universes with his grim-and-gritty counterpart — Dragonfly.

It’s equal parts satire and rumination on what we love about comics — and don’t.

Anyway, as Issue #2 opens, the dark Dragonfly is startled to come face to face with his sidekick Stinger, who’s very much alive on the sunnier Earth-Alpha. Meanwhile, Dragonflyman confronts a couple of very dirty cops on Earth-Omega. (There are also a couple of extras, including a back-up story featuring Dragonflyman and Stinger.)

The issue is out 10/10. Here’s your EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. You mean like an Earth 2? Gosh if only one of the major companies could do that. Send their heroes to another earth. Golly gee what a great idea!

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  2. Can anybody else give me some tidbits on what’s going on in issue 2? I can’t seem to find it on Ebay. Is the back up story any good?

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    • It’s still available at comics shops both brick-and-mortar and online. I’m reluctant to post spoilers here, but it’s quite good.

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      • I am four hours away from the nearest comic book shop. It’s going to be awhile before I can get to a place which sells The Wrong Earth 2. Can you tell me what the back up story is about?


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        • It’s a satirical story about Dragonflyman and Stinger battling a villain called NIMBY. Really, it’s a commentary about how mid-century superheroes were defenders of the status quo.

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