EXCLUSIVE Preview: MARVEL DIGEST #6 Is Jammed With AVENGERS Classics

You haven’t had enough Avengers news, have you? Of course not…

Good lord, did you see the final trailer for Avengers: Infinity War? In case you’re the last comics fan who hasn’t, here it is:

Cannot wait.

But here’s something cool to savor with it: Marvel Comics Digest #6 will be out 4/18 — the week before the movie officially opens 4/27 — and it’s chock full of Avengers classics, including the first appearance of the Mad Titan himself, Thanos, from Iron Man #55. (Actually, there’s more Thanos than you can shake an Infinity Gauntlet at.)

The 224-page, $6.99 digest was announced a little while back (click here) but we’ve got your EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the full story list — featuring a line-up of mighty talent, including Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich, Steve Englehart, John Buscema, Dave Cockrum and many others:

Avengers (1963) #6 and 7:

Iron Man (1968) #55

Avengers (1963) #125

Avengers Annual (1967) #7 and Marvel Two-In-One Annual (1976) #2

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010) #3

Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble: Season Two (2014) #1 and #2

Marvel Comics Digest
is co-produced by Marvel and Archie Comics, masters of the mystic digest arts. They’re sold not just in comics shops but at various retailers nationwide.

And I just love the idea of some kid seeing one at a store after the movie’s over and begging Mom or Dad for one.

Then discovering for the first time Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin…

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That Iron Man 55. Great cover! Obviously Starlin channeling his inner Buscema or Sinnot’s finishing touches make it so. Great either way.

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