EXCLUSIVE! Palmiotti’s DENVER is funded: New stretch goals!

The epically cool-looking new Kickstarter has hit the mark in only six days … and Palmiotti, Gray, Brito and company have announced the fancy stretch goals!

Over the weekend, PaperFilms’ campaign to fund the original graphic novel “Denver” hit its mark. The book is a 72-page mature-audiences OGN written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray and illustrated by Pier Brito (with a music soundtrack by composer Hans Karl).


So here are the stretch goals for the project (so far):

— a sketchbook section by Pier Brito (if the campaign reaches $38,000)

— random sketches by Brito ($40,000)

— a print of the Amanda Conner special limited edition cover ($50,000).

As I write this, the campaign has 885 backers with more than $32,000 pledged. Limited edition prints by Conner, Johnson, John Cebollero, Panosian and Palmiotti are still available the Kickstarter site.

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson




Dan Panosian

Dan Panosian

cebolerro final


Oh, and what is “Denver” about? This: The world’s oceans have risen and only mile-high Denver has survived. Its chief protector is one Max Flynn until, as the official announcement puts it, “an extreme group of individuals brings betrayal and blackmail and Max is forced to go against everything he has stood for in order to save the woman he loves.” With cheesecake!

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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