EXCLUSIVE: Green Hornet Could Be Coming to Funko’s BATMAN ’66 Line

Let’s roll …

OK, before we even get started with this bit of news, I strongly encourage you to check out the new episode of The Batcave Podcast, featuring an interview with Funko’s senior product designer, Reis O’Brien, about the imminent release of the company’s Batman ’66 3.75-inch action-figure line.

Why should you listen? Because Reis, host John S. Drew and I spent 45 minutes to an hour discussing the ins and outs of the line — with a hard eye toward what’s to come. Believe me, there are teases aplenty. (Click here or here or listen on iTunes or Stitcher.)

And here’s one of the big revelations:

Funko might — not will, but might — bring Green Hornet, Kato and Black Beauty into the mix.

Now, there are about 13 caveats to this, so don’t go running for your green masks and fedoras just yet.

The main one is that this is only in discussion stage and there are a number of complicating factors. We get into it all in the podcast, which you can listen to here or here or on iTunes or Stitcher:

“Nothing has been set in stone, we’re still probably looking through the legalities of these characters, because they had their own TV show around that same time, but it’s a nice, interesting connection for the fans,” Reis said, without explicitly naming Green Hornet and Kato. “They’re cool characters — they had a really cool car — and I would really love to make those two characters and maybe their car happen. But again, at this point, I’m daydreaming. … I’m just giving you like a preview of what I’m probably going to be bringing up in a meeting in the next couple of weeks.”

Another issue is just how many waves the company will produce. The Batmobile with Batman and Robin is hitting now. (Click here for more info.)


The full Wave 1 is due in June. (Click here and here for more info.)

The company has an eye on at least one or two more waves and maybe more, but it all comes down to sales. Reis stressed how important it is to buy from retailers and not individual sellers online — because it’s retail orders that determine a line’s success or failure.

But it’s great to know that Green Hornet and Kato are even under discussion. It’s the kind of thing that shows just how much Funko gets it with this line.

OK, enough teasing.

Seriously, go check out The Batcave Podcast here or here (or on iTunes or Stitcher). We get into the whole line, top to bottom: what’s out soon — and what villains and variants may be on tap.

It’s the best Bat-hour you’ll spend this weekend.

For even more coverage, check out the FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX. Click here!

Author: Dan Greenfield

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    • I would LOVE to see the Green Hornet, Kato, and the Black Beauty!

      Another property I wish Funko would look into is “The Adventures of Superman.” – There has been ZERO merchandising of this property as far back as I can remember. Warner/DC Comics really ought to allow licensing of this era, assuming whoever owns the rights to the show, and the estates of the actors will agree.

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  1. Bring on the Batcave playset!

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