EXCLUSIVE: Funko’s BATMAN ’66 Wave 1 Figures Coming in JUNE

PLUS: Your FIRST LOOK at the packaging art — and the latest concept shots!

Holy smorgasbord of Bat-news!

I’ve said it before: Funko’s new Batman ’66 series of 3.75-inch-scale action figures has a chance to become the show’s definitive line. And come June, we’re going to get a real opportunity to test that theory with the release of Wave 1’s seven figures.

That’s right: Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, King Tut, Bookworm and both the Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze main figure and the Eli Wallach Mr. Freeze chase figure, are due a little earlier than first thought, Funko is set to announce Tuesday.

And keep in mind, the Batmobile with Batman and Robin should be out by the end of May. (Click here for more on that.)

UPDATED: Pre-orders have begun at online retailers already. (Ask your local comics shop, too.) Check out the formal announcement here, as well as ordering info.

By the way, Screen Test Batman [click here] will be not be included in Tuesday’s rollout. More info on him down the line. (UPDATED: Screen Test Batman will be a chase figure. Click here for details.)

The individual figures are expected to be in the $10 range and that, by any measure, is a Bat-bargain.


We have an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the packaging art for all seven — as well as updated concept shots for each:

For more info on the line, including our complete FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX of stories, click here.

For more info on the line, including our complete FUNKO BATMAN ’66 INDEX of stories, click here.

And don’t forget to check out the formal Funko announcement — with ordering info — here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Unless I’ve missed it….please tell me there’ll be a Riddler. The conspiracist in me definitely senses something amiss here. From the almost complete lack of Gorshin’s image with the promotion of the DVD/Bluray release to the packaging on the Batman release, to other things, I’ve come to think there’s some disrespect or litigation at work here. Sad either way.

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    • No conspiracy, Andy. There’s been a ton of Gorshin stuff, much of it covered here at 13th Dimension. Funko is clearly biding its time for future releases.

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      • Hopefully there’ll be a Joker as well. This line is looking real good though.

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      • Definitely. In this line, The Riddler is a prime candidate to being another Chase since that seems to be Funko’s incentive to retailers to buy into the line (Hey, pay normal prices, get 2 figures to sell for 4x retail!! ugh)

        You’ve got other Chase possibilities w/ The Joker (regular, board shorts), Batman (pink cowl, board shorts), hell you can do a Molly as Robin, Alfred as Batman….

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  2. Giddy with excitement.

    No worries about Gorshin, we’ve seen him as a Mego-style doll, bust, 6″ Mattel figure, and bendy figure, in addition to his appearance on printed items. They are clearly holding back Riddler, Joker, and Penguin for at least one more wave. A single-carded Robin would be nice, too.

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  3. I can’t wait for this line. I have a shelf all cleared off already for those and hopefully much more. I won’t rest until I have an Aunt Harriet!!

    But man are those cardbacks boring. Bleh.

    And it’s going to SUCK paying scalpers for the Chase Mr. Freeze and the Pilot Batman, which will likely be some kind of Con exclusive…maybe SDCC?

    Why can’t the Freezes be packed in equal numbers per case? Kids aren’t buying this. This is totally a grown adult collector item and they have to know nearly everyone is buying both.

    The only thing this limited, chase BS does is line the pockets of scalpers. It does nothing for the company, collectors or to even increase the line’s sales.

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    • You can thank Warner Bros. Consumer Products for those cardbacks. I know the branding was inspired by the animated intro to the show but, yeah, it’s pretty lukewarm. Fortunately the product helps to make up for it!

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  4. That batgirl is way better than what Mattel did back a year or so ago!

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