Dig This INSIDE LOOK at McFarlane’s Upcoming WAYNE MANOR and BATBOAT

Two things we’ve waited a lifetime for…

Hey, folks: McFarlane Toys has put up for pre-order at Target its upcoming 6-inch-scale 1966 Batboat and Wayne Manor Library playset.

These are two toys that every devoted Batfan has been waiting, oh, 57 years for.

Dig these pix:




A few thoughts:

— I’ve wanted a Wayne Manor study action-figure playset since the earliest days of my Mego collecting 50 years ago. Same with a Batboat. This is the best we’re ever likely to see and I am totally, enthusiastically down for both. McFarlane’s 6-inch line has been a smashing success.

— Both are Target exclusives and each lists for $34.99. They are due April 16, but that is subject to change. (These release dates can be a shifty bunch.) You can pre-order here for Wayne Manor and here for the Batboat.

— Also available for pre-order are the Radioactive Batman, King Tut and Two-Face figures, though all three have been available already on the secondary market.

— That’s three playsets (including the Batcave and the United Underworld) and three vehicles (including the Batmobile and Batcycle). I’m not sure what other playsets would be worth doing — but here’s hoping a Batcopter is on the way!


— Dig This INSIDE LOOK at the McFarlane Toys 1966 BATCAVE. Click here.

— BATMAN ’66: Dig This INSIDE LOOK at the First-Ever Licensed UNITED UNDERWORLD Playset. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These look great and I just pre-ordered them. I do wish McFarlane would fix Batman’s cape. Maybe that’ll be another Batman variant in the future. 🙂

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  2. So cool. For Canadians, Target unfortunately doesn’t ship to us. Hopeful there is another vendor up here that can carry the Batman 1966 line. Walmart fizzled out up here.

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  3. Random Thoughts:

    While it’s great to have the stately Wayne Manor, it’d be terrific to be able to populate it with Aunt Harriett, Alfred, Bruce, and Dick.

    Will standard Batman and Robin figures be made available at retail or have they been effectively retired to the secondary market?

    The back of the Batboat packaging has an image of a Batman figure that appears to be different (and better) than others. What’s that about?

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  4. Now the Batboat…that IS something I have been waiting for! Cheers!

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  5. My mind said Seth Mcfarlane is doing a movie called ‘Wayne Manor’

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  6. According to the diploma in the library Bruce graduated law school. Never knew that before.

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  7. This is totally awesome! Wham ! Biff! Pow! Ouch! Crash! Zowie!
    Lets hope Alfred is keeping Aunt Harriet busy. You don’t often see the caped crusaders in the study!

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  8. Batcopter, Batgirls bike and suite. Also it is worth noting that he has the license gor the Batman’66 comic, and two face and Batgirl are the first two from that series. But so many more classic Batman villains are part of that comic book series. Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, etc…

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  9. I wish somebody would do something about the profiteering going on concerning these items. I wanted the Batboat..
    When we get them in the UK they’ve suddenly doubled in price. That 66 Batboat 35-dollars?
    They’ve arrived here selling at £52.00! (At the moment) they’ll rise even more later.
    The figures are sheer extortion too.
    It’s a sick practice adopted by sicker people.

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