Dig This INSIDE LOOK at the McFarlane Toys 1966 BATCAVE

Holy cavernous creations!

Throw a 1966 Batcave playset — or any retro Batcave playset — at me, and I am down, down, down for it.

Well, you’ve probably heard by now that McFarlane Toys has a 6-inch-scale Batman Classic TV Series Batcave playset coming in August, along with Batman, Robin and Joker action figures, as well as a Batmobile.

The Batcave comes with an assortment of crime-fighting equipment, including the Batcomputer; the Batpoles; and the atomic pile, complete with ladder. Once fully assembled, it runs 2 feet wide.

The real deal

According to a recent Facebook video hosted by Todd McFarlane, they’ll be coming to Target stores. Final, official retail prices have not been announced yet, though they’re expected soon — and are expected to be on the inexpensive side. (The Batcave, figures and Batmobile are each sold separately.)

In the meantime, you can take a virtual tour of the Batcave, thanks to these images posted to the McFarlane site.

Dig this:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m definitely in for the Batcave. I’m not sure there’s enough difference between the earlier Mattel 6″ figures and these for me to warrant a purchase, but we’ll see. Not feeling the Burt Ward Robin face sculpt, but Batman and Joker look pretty good. I think the Mattel Batmobile seems to be more in actual scale with 6″ figures than this one as well. But either way, it’s a good thing to have these figures available, and at an apparently affordable price!

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  2. It’s pretty rare to find a licensed item that manages to really get Burt Ward’s likeness correct, I’ve noticed.

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    • Hot Toys is about the only one who has really nailed it. But both him and Adam’s skin colors are really too dark. That’s a minor nitpick, because otherwise they are gorgeous…but at that price point…they should be!

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  3. Looks very cheap to me. Simplistic shapes with stickers. No thanks.

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  4. The scale is way off. The atomic pile should be taller. Once you place the Batmobile, that is also out of scale, in the middle of it it REALLY looks out of scale.

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  5. I just got the McFarlane ’66 Batcave set today. Here is my review of it: It is cute, but it is definitely NOT 6″ scale. It is barely 3.75″ scale. (I stood a stormtrooper on the top, and the safety rail only comes up to just above his knees.) I would recommend using the Funko Reaction ’66 Batman figures with this. Also (and I know it would make it cost more) There are a few other things this set needs: First, the “cave openings” on each side should be complete, instead of having a half-opening on each side. There should also be a cardboard cave wall to put behind each opening. The Bat-Poles should be sturdier and connect behind the wall, instead of over the top of it. The plastic back wall and the two large angled pylons should be taller, so if you stood Batman on the top, the back wall would extend just above his head. At the base of the “Atomic Pile”, behind the floor level safety rails, the walkway should be deeper, so a figure would have enough room to stand/walk there. And the rails should seat in better. They keep popping out. I think I will need to glue them in. The cardboard floor piece, instead of being just a circle, should actually be a whole floor, big enough to put the entire set on, which also incorporates the circle on it. And lastly, all of the computer pieces should have a back on them, and maybe be slightly weighted on the bottom, so they don’t fall down as easy. For 36 bucks, I still like it, but, when I make a shelf for it, I will definitely be making some modifications.

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