BATMAN ’66: Dig This INSIDE LOOK at the First-Ever Licensed UNITED UNDERWORLD Playset

McFarlane’s so-called “Villain’s Lair” is set for pre-order…

We knew McFarlane had a “Villain’s Lair” set on the way through Target — and I hoped against hope that it would be a 6-inch-scale replica of the United Underworld Headquarters from the 1966 Batman movie.

Thing is, the movie is not part of the overall Batman ’66 merch license. So what to do?

Well, McFarlane got super-clever and posted for pre-order today the generically named “Villain’s Lair,” which is a dead-on replica of the UU HQ — only renamed Villains United and with a different logo.


Dig this INSIDE LOOK from Target’s site:


But that’s not all! McFarlane and Target also released your FIRST LOOK at the upcoming Batcycle and Otto Preminger Mr. Freeze figures:

A few thoughts:

— The Villain’s Lair runs $29.99. Click here.

— Mr. Freeze runs $17.99. Click here.

— The Batcycle runs $29.99. Click here.

— There are also black-and-white versions of Batman and the Joker. They don’t do it for me but they might do it for you.


— Dig This INSIDE LOOK at the McFarlane Toys 1966 BATCAVE. Click here.

— REVIEW: Factory’s 1966 BATCAVE Model Is an Epic Achievement. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My overall opinion is that the craftsmanship is in the packaging. The McFarlane line just isn’t cutting it for me.

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  2. Plus that is the wrong catwoman for the movie. Lee didn’t have the necklace.

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    • That’s a Newmar figure. Meriwether is not part of the license. But you can still pretend!

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      • Is the Newmar figure a McFarlane product? I was under the impression that the McFarlane Newmar figure was not released yet.

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          • Thanks; I preordered last week.

  3. We want Batgirl & Egghead!

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  4. I too want Egghead, King Tut and Mad Hatter as well. Wish they didn’t stop making chase figures. Was hoping for a Masked Penguin and Unmasked Julie Catwoman. I hope we get a Batcopter and Batboat to complete the Bat vehicles

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  5. More villians like king tut, mad hatter, egghead, and book worm…

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