Dig These 13 Groovy NEAL ADAMS Original Illustrations

A sampling from the master…

I haven’t written a lot about Neal Adams lately. No reason other than I’ve had other topics to tackle.

But, as I’ve pointed out many a time, Adams is not just my favorite artist — I could make a strong and strenuous case that he’s the best to ever put pencil to board.

Anyway, I felt like looking at some original Adams art, so I paid his website a visit (click here), checked out what he’s got cooking and picked out 13 illustrations that caught my eye.

(If you’re in the market, prices vary and you can decide for yourself what’s affordable.)


A re-creation of the Superman figure from Superman #252

A re-creation of one of Adams’ greatest panels, from Batman #244


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ve always wonder why in the later years he’s insisted in drawing BATMAN with visible eyes in the mask. He is definitely one of the giants of BATMAN lore.

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  2. Love Neal’s work but that Batgirl reminds me of Jose-Luis Garcia-Lopez.

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  3. Terrific stuff from one of the all-time greats! That Tarzan sketch is beyond cool. It does remind me of some of the EC guys like Krenkel, so there’s that bit of warm ‘n fuzzy.

    You wouldn’t have to make the case very hard for Adams as the best ever. Kirby probably edges him out on influence and sheer force, and certainly output, but as an artist, Adams was beyond compare. Names like Eisner (for storytelling devices) and Carl Barks come to mind for my Mt. Rushmore (can you still invoke Mount Rushmore as a concept??) along with Kirby and Adams.

    Steranko, Wood, Smith, Swan, Anderson, Walt Kelly – so many greats, but those four would probably be four picks (and not necessarily my favorites, although I love them all).

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