Dig the Final Versions of the AQUAMAN 80th ANNIVERSARY Covers

The Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean gets the decade-by-decade treatment…

More Fun Comics #73, featuring the debuts of both Aquaman and Green Arrow, hit the stands in September 1941 and this week, DC is spotlighting the Sea King’s 80th anniversary with one of its popular celebratory anthologies.

As has become standard, the issue includes a run of decade tribute covers — complete with era-appropriate trade dress — by some of the top talents from yesterday and today, such as Ramona Fradon, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Walt Simonson and Robson Rocha, who died in July from COVID at the painfully early age of 41. The issue is out Aug. 31. (GA got his in June. Click here for those covers.)

Credits are at the bottom of each cover:

Main cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado


1950s. This is the one I’m getting.








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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. If the point is to celebrate “More Fun” then I’m going 1940’s.

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  2. I’m leaning towards the covers with the original, beardless Aquaman on them. 😉

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  3. the 40s cover by Mike Cho and the Ramona Fradon ones are the only ones I’m interested in, pre-ordered from TFAW.

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  4. I’ll probably get the 1970s issue, just for that particular trade dress & black border that together evoke the “Is California Sinking?” cover from the initial run. But though I’m a big fan of both J. L. Garcia-Lopez and Walt Simonson, neither of their contributions this time are really doing it for me. I guess I’m missing that late-period Nick Cardy cover image feeling. Not sure who still active could pull off the Eisner-eque vibe I’m looking for. Maybe Tim Sale?

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  5. I would have liked to have a Mike Grell 1970s.

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