NEAL ADAMS Brings Back the ARROWCAR for GREEN ARROW’s 80th Anniversary

PLUS: All of GA’s decade-tribute covers in one place…

DC’s next 80th anniversary 100-pager is due June 29 and it spotlights everyone’s favorite Emerald Archer, Green Arrow.

Naturally, the anthology issue features a run of decade-tribute covers — including this Neal Adams piece reuniting Green Arrow and Green Lantern, with a cameo appearance by the Arrowcar, GA’s cult-fave Batmobile knockoff.

Dig this:

Nice to see these buddies back together again, even if only for a variant cover.

Oddly, though, the cover is dedicated to GA in the ’60s — which was before our Hard Travelin’ Heroes hit the road in the ’70s. Then again, Adams’ redesigned Green Arrow did debut in 1969 on a Brave and the Bold cover that featured a logo similar to the one above:

So even if the decade tributes are often imprecise, the fun ones really capture the spirit of an era.

The $9.99 issue is due June 29 and here are the rest of the covers. (I’m particularly taken with Michael Cho’s ’40 job that reminds us that Speedy is also celebrating his 80th.)

Dig these:

Main cover by Dan Mora

1940s cover by Michael Cho

1950s cover by Daniel Warren Johnson

1970s cover by Derrick Chew

1980s cover by Gary Frank doing his best Mike Grell

1990s cover by Howard Porter

2000s cover by Jen Bartel, with echoes of Matt Wagner

2010s cover by Simone DiMeo


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Best group of 80th anniversary variant covers yet! The wide range of styles and tones very much depicts the many changes and settings Green Arrow has been through.

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  2. Several of these are cool, but would have greatly preferred an actual Mike Grell cover than one inspired by his work.

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