Classic MARVEL AGE Series to Get Omnibus Treatment in 2023

The Official Marvel News Magazine goes large…

Every year, it seems, Marvel comes up with an especially groovy, unexpected collection or (with other publishers) replicas of far-out ephemera like the 1960s minibooks or 1970s black-light posters.

Well, there’s another big one coming this summer and dang, I can hardly wait: The House of Ideas is collecting the classic 1980s Marvel Age house mag as a big, ol’ omnibus.

Dig the official description on Amazon:


Long before the internet, True Believers of the 1980s got the inside scoop on Marvel’s upcoming projects in the pages of MARVEL AGE! Now, the first three years’ worth of this fan-favorite promotional magazine are reprinted in full – a veritable treasure trove of big-name interviews, previews of the major titles of 1982-1985, behind-the-scenes features, rare house ads, stunning covers and, of course, the classic cartoons of the legendary Fred Hembeck! All this, plus an exclusive in-universe Annual story covering the length and breadth of the Marvel Universe! Get ready for a nostalgic – and insightful – trip down memory lane to the Marvel Bullpen of the 1980s! MARVEL AGE was the official Marvel news magazine of its day, and old news can still be good news!

Written by Kurt Busiek, Jim Shooter, Jo Duffy, Roger Stern, Bill Mantlo, Walter Simonson, Tom DeFalco, Mark Gruenwald, Steve Englehart, Denny O’Neil, Alan Zelenitz, John Byrne, Louise Simonson, Peter Gillis, and Many More!

Penciled by James Fry, Allen Milgrom, Ron Frenz, Steve Leialoha, Sal Bucema, Mike Mignola, Walter Simonson, Bob Hall, Kerry Gammill, Richard Howell, David Mazzachelli, Rick Leonardi, Chris Warner, John Byrne, Mark Bright, Paul Neary, June Brigman, and Still More!

Cover by Kerry Gammill

Collecting: MARVEL AGE #1-34 and ANNUAL #1.

A few thoughts:

— The 1,184-page hardcover lists for $125 and is due Aug. 1, 2023.

— Boy wouldn’t it be cool if a FOOM omnibus were next? Boyoboy. The mind reels.

Standard caveat: This has not been officially solicited by Marvel yet — as far as I can tell — so anything can change. That said, I fully expect this to see print. Keep checking back at 13th Dimension for updates.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Aw hell yeah! I suspect both Marvel and DC were surprised by the sales of Who’s Who, and Handbook of the Marvel Universe omnibi.

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  2. I wonder if they’ll be able to include articles covering Conan the Barbarian, Rom Spaceknight, Micronauts, and any other IP they don’t still have rights to.

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  3. This is really good news. I do have to wonder, will future volumes of this omnibus series contain information on licensed properties like “ThunderCats” and “Masters of the Universe”?

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