Behold JERRY ORDWAY’s Spectacular Golden Age BATMAN

It’s fitting that today is the late, great Bill Finger’s birthday…

Bill Finger, the late Batman co-creator — or real creator, if you prefer — was born 107 years ago on Feb. 8, 1914.

Usually on this date, we publish something glowing or clever about the man who is most responsible for giving us the Batman fans have known and loved for more than 80 years.

This time, I’ve picked a single image that says so much — a commission that the great Jerry Ordway coincidentally showed off on Twitter the other day.

Check out this beauty:

That’s… wow.

Jerry simply noted on his Twitter feed: “Another one, a first look Batman commission. Totally fun to draw these versions!”

I can only imagine.

And if you want to see more from Jerry, follow him on Twitter and check out his website.


— How DC Credited BILL FINGER With Creating BATMAN — in 1974. Click here.

— Sorry, Marvel: Batman Co-Creator BILL FINGER Invented HYDRA Too. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Beautiful!!!

    I would love if DC did a new JSA/All-Star Squadron series set in the period, drawn by Ordway. Or a group of mini-series. Take my money!!!

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    • I went down a rabbit hole this morning. Basically I clicked on the link to Jerry’s website. I wanted to see more of that great BATMAN drawing. While the website is offline, I did manage to purchase a copy of his comic creation Proton on the blog. And…….his Twitter site had a preview video of an upcoming JSA movie. If I knew about this I had forgotten. I’ll definitely be buying that. I just wished the Earth-1 Flash wasn’t used and more true JSA members were.

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  2. Love it! But, anything Golden Age is the best. My only want would have been the circle buckle on the belt. I love the smaller crouched BAT-MAN in the background too. I first saw that in the old Highlight magazine that would have A 2-page comic section.

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