BATMAN ENIGMA: The Revival of TIM BURTON’s Bat-Universe

INSIDE LOOK: The folks behind Batman Meets Godzilla have another dream project under way…

Hey, if you’ve been digging Batman ’66 Meets Godzilla — the fan-driven project based on an unfilmed ’60s movie treatment — then this is right up your alley: Two of the creators from Project Batzilla are launching a second free comic, one that continues Tim Burton’s vision of Batman’s universe.

Titled Batman Enigma, the series picks up after 1992’s Batman Returns and ignores the Joel Schumacher years. (Sort of how Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns conveniently turned its back on Superman III and IV.)

Naturally, like Batman Meets Godzilla, this is a free, unauthorized project, made by and for fans. Writer Eric Elliott and artist Ian Miller are aiming to piece together much of what the director had in mind for a third Batman film. They’re not working off a particular script or treatment, as with Batman Meets Godzilla, but they are playing with ideas such as a Robin Williams Riddler, a Billy Dee Williams Two-Face, the Scarecrow, the return of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman and — most importantly — Michael Keaton’s Batman.

Check out these early character designs by Miller:

“Ian and I are doing a planned three-issue adaptation of Tim Burton’s third Batman movie. There is not a script to draw from so we are relying on interviews and costume designs to continue where Batman Returns left off,” Elliott said. “The book will feature Batman, Catwoman, Riddler and Scarecrow. We will also introduce Nightwing into the Burton universe.”

According to Elliott: “The designs for the villains are mostly Ian’s imagination. We are casting Robin Williams as the Riddler. Other casting to be announced but we will draw from other ’90s actors. Also look for the return of Harvey Dent as played by Billy Dee Williams and Robert Wuhl as the reporter Knox.”

“We hope to have Issue #1 out by the end of the year. Ian will be handling all art duties,” Elliott added. “Ian designed the Batmobile in Batman Meets Godzilla and has a great eye for buildings as well. The Arkham Asylum and Batcave designs he’s done for this book look fantastic. The comic is planned to be black and white, which I think will work great for that gothic Burton world.”

I love this kind of passion project. If the powers that be can’t or won’t give you what you want, do it yourself.

Speaking of, if you want a look at the recently released Batman Meets Godzilla #2, click here. You’ll be glad you did.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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