A famed muscle car gets even more zip in Issue #2…

Batman ’66 Meets Godzilla #2 landed online Friday — click here — and one of the coolest reveals in the issue is a new Batmobile adapting George Barris’ famed design to a 1969 Toyota Experimental EX-I.

Dig this:

To me, it makes perfect sense that the Dynamic Duo would have a new ride in the Land of the Rising Sun, especially since their original model would have been a few years old by 1969, when this story takes place. (The tale is based on an unfilmed ’60s movie treatment.)

Artist Ian Miller designed the revamped Batmobile based on writer Eric Elliott’s idea to use the Experimental EX-I, the car that would become the Celica.

I dig the Silver Age Bathead on the front and that Miller retained the basic concept of the original.

I also can’t help but think that the blue hue is a nod to the often off-model Japanese tin toys of the era.

In any event, besides looking cool I have a real soft spot for Miller’s design because my Dad had a Celica in the ’70s. That car was badass. (Though we used to make fun of him for wearing driving gloves.)

Anyway, the Batmobile isn’t the only refurbished member of the Batfleet. Issue #2 features a new Batcopter and a new Batgirl Cycle too.

So, again, click here to check out the latest free adventure from Project Batzilla. It’s a fitting, fan-driven tribute to two pop-culture titans.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. “In any event, besides looking cool I have a real soft spot for Miller’s design … ”

    You realize you just complimented yourself for looking cool. 😉

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  2. Someone explain to me how they managed to get the colors so wrong?! Heck,the cover art for packaging is correct!

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