BATMAN ’89 #1: JOE QUINONES’ Variant Gives You First Full Look at ROBIN

Oh, and there’s also Batman, Catwoman and Two-Face…

UPDATED: Click here for the FIRST INSIDE LOOK at BATMAN ’89 #1! — Dan

Batman ’89 #1’s Aug. 10 launch date draws ever closer and now we’re getting a fresh look at most of the main characters on series artist Joe Quinones’ variant cover for the premiere ish.

The big reveal? We get our first full look at Robin:

From the Lunar Distribution website

Quinones has teased Robin’s color scheme but it’s still not clear how it all comes together.

I’m also still not convinced that Robin will have this same outfit by the end of the series. Quinones did, after all, tweet this awhile back:

But hey, we’ll know soon enough.

And don’t forget: This is only one of three variants for the issue, written by Batman screemwriter Sam Hamm. There’s Jerry Ordway’s piece and the cover by Taurin Clarke, in addition to Quinones’ main cover.

Dig it.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Mico Suyuan also did a store exclusive cover

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  2. I’m excited bout this book….not diggin’ Robin tho…..I’ll give a shot tho….wish they had asked TB to design it…or Ringwood (sp?) who did the Bat-Suit

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