ALL-STAR-TOBER: Dig These 13 Groovy JUSTICE SOCIETY Sketches

Trick or treat… on Earth-Two!

For six straight years we’ve brought you highlights from superstar artist Chris Samnee’s #Batober, in which he uses a different word every day to inspire some seriously fab Batman art thoughout the month.

He’s not alone. Since the original #Inktober concept kind of fell by the wayside a few years ago, other artists — pros and DIYers — have developed their own theme months. One of my faves is #All-Star-tober, the brainchild of Mike W. Belcher.

I did it last year as just wanting to do something like Inktober,” Mike said. “I have a lot of respect for those pen-and-ink guys so didn’t want to tread on their territory. I’m a huge DC Golden Age fan, so I picked that time period of All-Star Comics and the book that introduced me to those characters in the 1980s, All-Star Squadron, as a theme… I did it again this year but this time I invited others to join. And it’s been great sharing the love of the characters and seeing other great artists’ take.”

Here’s Mike’s list of characters, by October day:

There are days to go, but check out these 13 SKETCHES I’ve corralled from around the web, most notably Facebook, where Mike has even created an All-Star-tober 2022 group.

Dig it.

Day 7, Hawkman by Glenn Whitmore

Day 4, Liberty Belle by Mike W. Belcher

Day 6, Amazing Man by Mike Hartigan

Day 10, Superman by Whitmore

Day 15, Starman by T.J. Frias and colored by Rich Seetoo

Day 20, Batman and Robin by Belcher

Day 1, the Flash by Dan Schkade

Day 21, the Atom by Whitmore

Day 10, Superman by Frias and Seetoo

Day 7, Hawkman by Schkade

Day 11, Wildcat by Whitmore

Day 22, the Huntress by Frias and Seetoo

Day 22, the Huntress by Belcher


— 13 Magnificent BATMAN Sketches by CHRIS SAMNEE. Click here.

— 13 GREAT ILLUSTRATIONS: The Dazzling Colors of RICH SEETOO. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. How about Power Girl? She’s a member of the Justice Society as well and don’t forget the original Wonder Woman!

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    • Hey Larry. Wonder Woman is there now in the All-Star-tober link Dan had shared. Unfortunately Power Girl did not make the cut this year. Maybe next year.

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