13 Magnificent BATMAN Sketches by CHRIS SAMNEE

A modern master visits Gotham for the month of October — for the sixth straight year…

For the sixth consecutive year, superstar artist Chris Samnee is posting online a new Batman black-and-white sketch every day for the month of October — and for the sixth consecutive year, we’re highlighting 13 of his grooviest illustrations.

This started years ago with Inktober but a lot of artists have branched off into their own October celebrations. Samnee does Batober — but the concept is the same. Each day, he takes a single word, spins a fitting image and puts it online.

Here’s his list of 2022 prompt words:

And here are 13 of our faves. Plus, don’t forget there’s still another week or so to go. You can check out the rest at Chris’ Twitter feed or on Instagram.

In the meantime, dig these beauties:

Day 16: Protective

Day 3: Downpour

Day 5: Bound

Day 13: Spark

Day 1: Outnumbered

Day 18: Grand

Day 14: Caught

Day 7: Lucky

Day 6: Unseen

Day 10: Spent

Day 20: Crash

Day 9: Trapped

Day 21: Elegance


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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