13 TEEN TITANS Covers to Make You Feel Good

Just for fun.

Got the Teen Titans on my mind lately.

Not for any huge reason, mind you, just little reminders here and there of just how great comics’ greatest team is: Funko’s latest mystery box of merch is basically a tribute to The New Teen Titansclick here because you gotta see the new action figures — and we’ve been getting little teases about the upcoming show, which I will definitely check out.

In addition, DC’s Titans monthly comes out this week. Under writer Dan Abnett (and now penciller Paul Pelletier), the series has been soaked in Titans lore, going all the way back to the villainous Mr. Twister, who first battled Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad before they were even a team in 1964’s The Brave and the Bold #54. In the new issue, the Justice League appears poised to shut the Titans down because of problems with a future version of Donna Troy named Troia. That sentence alone recalls the team’s move to uncostumed heroes in the early-70s and the erstwhile Wonder Girl’s identity change in the ’80s.

Anyway, with all that flying around, it seemed like a good time for another 13 COVERS That Make You Feel Good entry.

Because man, do I love the Titans:

Bruno Premiani

Nick Cardy

George Perez

Rich Buckler pencils, Jack Abel inks



Buckler and Abel

Perez pencils, Romeo Tanghal inks






Cover images and credits from the innovative Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Everyone has a different perspective and their own eye on things. That’s what makes it interesting. But I really like Nick Cardy’s viewpoint on it all.

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  2. Nick Cardy’s covers were fabulous. Teen Titans 23 is one of my favorites

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