13 SPLASH PAGES: A DICK SPRANG Birthday Celebration

The late Golden Age great was born 105 years ago…

Batman fans generally have their own Mount Rushmores of artists and late Golden Age great Dick Sprang is always part of the conversation.

Sprang — born July 28, 1915 — helped to define the Batman house style that lasted from the early ’40s to the early ’60s and he remains beloved today.

We’ve celebrated his birthday a number of times with 13 COVERS galleries but this year, in the interest of mixing things up, we present 13 SPLASH PAGES instead.

All of them are from Batman — leaving plenty of room for Detective Comics next year.


Inks by Gene McDonald. Batman #40, 1947.

Batman #30, 1945

Batman #19, 1943

Batman #21, 1944

Batman #26, 1944-45

Batman #23, 1944

Batman #34, 1946

Batman #26, 1944-45

Batman #29, 1945

Batman #32, 1945-46

Batman #24, 1944

Batman #32, 1945-46

McDonald inks. Batman #40, 1947.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. A giant of the Golden Age……happy birthday to the memory of the late Dick Sprang.

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  2. What Carl Barks is to ducks, Sprang is to Batman. Great selection! Happy Birthday, Mr Sprang!

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  3. Agree with the comment above about Dick Sprang being the Batman equivalent to Carl Barks. I really wish DC would publish an omnibus of Sprang’s greatest hits.

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    • Completely agree. I can’t figure out why DC won’t publish oversized GA & SA collections highlighting the work of classic DC artists & writers. With a curated selection, they don’t have to worry about multi-issue stories; they could select the “best of the best;” and could easily avoid any racist material. If done right, these kind of books could have tong tern potential as a definitive summary of an artist DC career which would make them an item of interest for scholars, libraries, collectors, comic artists, etc.

      I just don’t get it.

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  4. I really wish they would collect ALL his Batman works. No pre-1964 Bat-artist deserves it more!

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