13 COVERS: A DICK SPRANG Birthday Celebration

One of Batman’s greatest…

Dick Sprang was hardly the only artist who ghosted for Bob Kane on Batman but he’s one of the best known — and one of the very best.

His look is so popular that, in retrospect, people call the Batman house style of the ’40s and ’50s “the Dick Sprang style” — regardless of whether it was actually his work.

Sprang was born July 28, 1915 — 103 years ago. He died in 2000.

His work remains as beloved now as it was then.

Here’s our 13 COVERS salute:

Charles Paris inks

Paris inks

Paris inks

Paris inks

Not a cover at all, but what the hell. Why not? This is a 1993 print by Sprang. Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

Most scans and credits courtesy of the effervescent Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Iā€™m a Baby Boomer, I grew up to be a devoted Batman fan for life. I saw so many truly great artists and Dick Sprang remains the top of five favorite Batman artists, period!

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  2. Sprang’s Batmobile crashing through the cover of Batman 20 is one of my favorite all time covers.

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    • Mr. Sprang created the baddest-ass Batmobile ever graced the pages of 4-Color funnies.

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  3. Hey, Dan, I love your site! It’s on my “Favorites” to check every day, This post made me imagine what your proposed “Batman and Robin: The Early Years” comic book should look like if it ever materializes…to draw it in the Dick Sprang style would be the ultimate homage to the wonderful Golden Age Dynamic Duo. Just musing of course,,,please keep up your awesome work. It is much appreciated by this lifetime Bat-fan. šŸ™‚

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