13 RIDDLER COVERS: It’s National Punctuation Day!

Really, it is!

Not that I need an excuse to post 13 Batman covers or even 13 covers starring the Riddler, one of my all-time fave villains — but, hey it is National Punctuation Day!

So dig these 13 COVERS featuring the Prince of Puzzlers and his question-mark fetish — from the Golden Age to the Modern Age (but mostly the Silver and Bronze Ages):

The Riddler’s first appearance. Win Mortimer cover.

Carmine Infantino pencils, Murphy Anderson inks

Dick Giordano

Mike Parobeck pencils, Rick Burchett inks

Dick Sprang pencils, Charles Paris inks

Gil Kane pencils, Murphy Anderson inks

Jim Aparo

Bob Smith pencils, Terry Beatty inks

Irv Novick

Ernie Chan

Ed Hannigan pencils, Giordano inks




— 13 QUICK THOUGHTS: The Greatness of FRANK GORSHIN’s RIDDLER. Click here.

— Classic Jumpsuit RIDDLER Makes a Much-Needed Comeback. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. This was a wonderful list for so many reason but perhaps most of all, because it was a chance to see the classic Riddler jumpsuit look once again. Long overdue for a comeback as the default look.

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  2. 263 was my first Batman comic, bought off a spinner rack in a liquor store

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  3. Batman 362, with the Batman sneaking up on the Riddler, has to be one of the best designed covers, ever.

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  4. Batman 263 was a fun book! I’ve always liked the Riddler.

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  5. You know, it was summer of 2001 or 2002 and I was at a Comic Con at Madison Square Garden. Adam West was there, Yvonne
    Craig was there . . .Rutger Hauer, Billy Dee Williams and Warwick Davis were there (and it was a scene very close to something Warwick acted out in Life’s Too Short about doing convention signings), but at the end of the signing table was Gorshin. I talked to him and got on great with him.

    At the convention, one of the vendors had that Detective Comics 140, first Riddler appearance. It wasn’t in the best condition and had some water damage. It was more than I wanted to pay for it but I considered for a moment, buying it and getting Frank to sign it. To this day I’ve never seen a Riddler collectable like that.

    I now think about that. Wonder if I should have.

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  6. National Punctuation Day‽ The Riddler’s covers shown here are a great way to celebrate the day for sure. My favorite punctuation mark, however, is two steps beyond the question mark; it is the interabang or interrobang-it even has two names! Maybe if the daughter of Two-Face mated with the son of the Riddler we’d have such a Gothamite?

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  7. I remember getting BTMAN #317 in a DC/WHITMAN 3 Pack.

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