13 MORE TIMES Creators Appeared as Themselves in Comics

Because YOU demanded it! Here’s another selection…

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Peter Bosch’s 13 TIMES CREATORS APPEARED AS THEMSELVES IN COMICS was a big hit last week and prompted such a reaction that Peter felt compelled to follow up with a sequel, with many selections based on your suggestions. Right on! — Dan


Here are another 13 times when creators have appeared in comics:

Ed Eisenberg, Julius Schwartz, Gardner Fox, Sid Greene – Strange Adventures #140 (May 1962, DC) – “The Strange Adventure That Really Happened!” Script by Gardner Fox, art by Sid Greene.

Stan Lee and Gene Colan – Daredevil Annual #1 (Sept. 1964, Marvel) – “At the Stroke of Midnight!” Script by Stan Lee, pencils by Gene Colan, inks by John Tartaglione.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby – Fantastic Four Annual #3 (1965, Marvel) – “The Wedding of Sue and Reed!” Script by Lee, pencils by Jack, inks by Mike Esposito.

Jack Miller, Barbara Friedlander, Robert Kanigher, Mort Weisinger, George Kashdan, Julius Schwartz, E. Nelson Bridwell, Murray Boltinoff, and Jack Schiff – The Inferior Five #6 (Jan.-Feb. 1968, DC) – “How to Make A Bomb!” Script by E. Nelson Bridwell, pencils by Mike Sekowsky, inks by Esposito.

Murray Boltinoff and Bruno Premiani – The Doom Patrol #121 (Sept.-Oct. 1968, DC) – “The Death of the Doom Patrol?” Script by Murray Boltinoff, art by Bruno Premiani.

Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Larry Lieber and Roy Thomas – The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 (Nov. 1968, Marvel) – “Here We Go-a-Plotting!” Script and pencils by Marie Severin, inks by Frank Giacoia.

Otto Binder – Shazam! #1 (Feb. 1973, DC) – “…In the Beginning…” Script by Denny O’Neil, art by C.C. Beck.

Julius Schwartz, Cary Bates, and Elliot S! Maggin – Justice League of America #123 (Oct. 1975, DC) – “Where on Earth Am I?” Script by Cary Bates, dialogue by Elliot Maggin. Pencils by Dick Dillin, inks by Frank McLaughlin.

Jack Kirby, George Pérez, Roy Thomas, Stan Lee – Fantastic Four #176 (Nov. 1976, Marvel) – “Improbable As It May Seem –The Impossible Man Is Back in Town!” – Also in the story, John Verpoorten, Gerry Conway and others. Script by Roy Thomas, pencils by George Pérez, inks by Joe Sinnott.

Milt Snapinn, Anthony Tollin, Bob Rozakis, Michael Golden, Bob Smith, Al Milgrom, and Todd Klein – Detective Comics #482 (Feb.-Mar. 1979, DC) – “Bat-Mite’s New York Adventure!” Script by Bob Rozakis, pencils by Michael Golden, inks by Bob Smith.

My personal favorite. — Dan

Dick Giordano, Marv Wolfman, Romeo Tanghal, George Pérez, Len Wein, Adrienne Roy – The New Teen Titans #20 (June 1982, DC) – “A Titanic Tale of Titans’ Tomfoolery!” Script by Marv Wolman, breakdowns by Pérez, finished art by Romeo Tanghal.

Mike Higgins and John Byrne – Fantastic Four #262 (Jan. 1984, Marvel) – “The Trial of Reed Richards.” Script and art by John Byrne.

Dan DeCarlo, Jim DeCarlo, Dan DeCarlo Jr., Frank Doyle, Samm Schwartz, Bob Bolling, Al Hartley, Barry Grossman, Rod Ollerenshaw, Lori Walls, Richard Goldwater, Michael Silberkleit, John Goldwater, Louis Silberkleit, Lisa Goldwater, David Silberkleit, George Gladir, Stan Goldberg, Dick Malmgren, Rudy Lapick, Rich Margopoulos, Bill Yoshida, Lisa Sears, Larry Teich, and other Archie Comics staffers – Pep #400 (May 1985, Archie) – “Pep #400.” Script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Jim DeCarlo.

And now some BONUSES! (Which we rarely do…)

Bonus #1 – EC’s artists and writers. Art by Marie Severin.

Bonus #2FOOM #16 cover featuring an overview of the Marvel Bullpen, ca. 1983. Art by Marie Severin.

Bonus #3Superman vs. Muhammad Ali with ID list. Layout by Joe Kubert, art by Neal Adams.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Very fun stuff ! Thanks for posting another one.
    Can’t believe how many people were put on that Superman vs Muhammad Ali cover and F.F. 176 was always a favorite as well as F.F. 262.

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  2. One of my favorites is NOVA #5! The last page has Sal Buscema, Marv Wolfman and Stan Lee!

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  3. Did you ever mention the Batman/Sgt Rock Brave & the Bold that had Jim Aparo on the cover?

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  4. I’ve seen several of these before, but there were a few I hadn’t seen, like the EC and Archie ones. I just loved Bat-Mite’s New York Adventure.
    “…Is this what DC does when you’re late on an assignment?”
    “No, if you’re late, they send Vinnie after you!” Which I always took to mean a reference to Vince Colletta, fastest inker in the business.

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