13 MARVEL FAMILY COVERS to Make You Feel Good

More fun!

The other day I posted 13 SHAZAM! COVERS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD because the movie’s out, y’know? (Click here to check ’em out!)

Thing is, I still have Shazam! on the brain, so I figured I’d go back to the well. And since family is a big theme of the film, here are 13 MARVEL FAMILY COVERS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.

Hey, we’re nice like that.

Pete Costanza

Mac Raboy

Jack Binder

Bob Oksner

Dario Brizuela

Ray Harford

Dale Eaglesham

C.C. Beck

Jerry Ordway

Kurt Schaffenberger

Possibly Chad Grothkopf

Beck pencils, Costanza inks

Alan Weiss


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Covers and credits from the magical Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m the proud owner of Marvel Family #3 along with every issue of Shazam! (the original run). Also some Whiz and Captain Marvel Adventures comics. Big fan and look forward to the new movie about the REAL Captain Marvel (even though he can’t be called that -bummer).

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