13 ISIS COVERS: A JoAnna Cameron Tribute

The cult-fave actress has died at 70…

As you’ve likely heard by now, actress JoAnna Cameron — best known for playing Isis on Filmation’s sister show to Shazam! in the ’70s — has died at the age of 70.

For a lot of fans, the two-season Isis (1975-77) — later called The Secrets of Isis — was a staple of Saturday morning viewing. It certainly was for me and in some respects I think the show was more entertaining than Shazam! itself.

DC, of course, tried to capitalize on the show’s success with a comic-book series based on the character. The series only lasted eight issues — and most of them form the backbone of this 13 COVERS tribute to Cameron. (Our salute also includes a couple surprises, to boot.)

O zephyr winds which blow on high / Lift me now so I can fly….

Kurt Schaffenberger

Mike Vosburg pencils, Vince Colletta inks

Vosburg pencils, Giordano inks

Fabrizio Fiorentino

Vosburg and Colletta

Artist unknown

Rich Buckler pencils, Colletta inks

J.G. Jones

Buckler and Colletta



Vosburg and Colletta


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I was so saddened when I heard the news. The Shazam/Isis hour was the first show that I ever sent a fan letter to and Filmation actually responded by sending me a nice letter and a cast photo of the Season 2 Shazam cast. JoAnna Cameron was a beatuiful and gifted actress who has left us too soon. She will be missed. Thanks for posting all the great comic book covers (most of those books I owned back in the day).

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  2. May Mrs. Cameron rest in peace. I enjoyed watching the “Mighty Isis” TV show when I rented it on DVD a few years back.

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  3. I remember the show and had a lot of the comics too. It was a shock to find out she passed away!

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  4. Rest in peace Joanna. I loved watching the Isis show. The character was beautiful AND smart! I loved the mythology connection too. I became a high school teacher myself.

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  5. Would love to see DC finish its hardcover Shazam: The World’s Mightiest Mortal series by giving us a fourth volume with the Marvel Family’s remaining Bronze age appearances (in JLA, DC Comics Presents, All-Star Squadron, Amazing World of DC Comics, Who’s Who, etc.) and include a reprint of all of the Isis books as well.

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    • To reprint the Isis issues, DC would have to pay whomever currently has the rights to reprint. The Isis pictured on some of the newer covers is DC’s own version, who wears a sexier version of the costume, is an Egyptian woman named Adrianna Tomaz.

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  6. I am extremely saddened to hear of the passing of the lovely and talented JoAnna Cameron a.k.a. “ISIS”, it is with a heavy and broken heart as I write this, I’ve always enjoyed her wonderful acting, I’ve always had a crush on her and “Wonder Woman” (Lynda Carter)she will be sincerely missed.

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