13 Great SLURPEE CUPS That Should Have Been

It’s July 11 — that’s 7-Eleven!

It’s 7/11, so it’s time for our annual salute to 7-Eleven’s Slurpee cups of the 1970s!

Requisite background: DC’s series came out in 1973. Marvel started its first two series in 1975, with another in 1977.

Generally speaking, Marvel’s were far superior — more colorful and more contemporary — but both companies put out a ton of characters. (Triton! Thundra! Ma Kent!)

Still, there were so many more they didn’t do. Our pal Rich Seetoo groks the Slurpee zeitgeist and likes to create virtual additions to the cuposphere — so here are 13 GREAT SLURPEE CUPS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN, in no particular order (anachronisms be damned):


Hey, wait! How did Jonny Quest get in there? Well, DC did once have the license, but now Dynamite has it — and Rich is the colorist on Bob Layton’s variant cover for Jonny Quest #1 coming Aug. 14. Plus, be sure to check out The Color Art and Design of Rich Seetoo Facebook group.

Now, time for BRAIN FREEZE!!!


— 13 Great DC Comics SLURPEE CUPS That Should Have Been, by RICH SEETOO. Click here.

— 50 YEARS LATER: The TOP 13 Original DC and MARVEL SLURPEE CUPS — RANKED. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. >> Bob Layton’s variant cover for Jonny Quest #1
    Anyone got a link to this?

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  2. These imaginary slurpee cups make me wish that they *weren’t* imaginary at all. 🙂

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  3. Very nice work but there are a few that were out of the timeline and couldn’t have been made. But in the end who cares this is really a “What If?” type of article.

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