13 DC COMICS STYLE GUIDE Variant Covers We’d Like to See

DC’s got seven coming in July. But why stop there?

It’s a big week for DC fans: The first two 1982 DC Comics Style Guide variant covers are being released — Batman #150 and Shazam! #13 — in advance of August’s publication of the Style Guide itself.

You can check out all seven of the variant covers — featuring the lovely art of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano — by clicking here. But how about some more? How about 13 more? How about 13 more that pay direct tribute to titles of the Bronze and Silver Ages (or titles that never existed)?

Well, Rich Seetoo has you, ahem, covered, with a series of colored or re-colored covers that never were: “The twist was that I picked series that had ended and I added one more issue to them or created a new title.” In other words: What if there had been a Batman Family #21 — and it had a Style Guide variant cover?

By the way, check out The Color Art and Design of Rich Seetoo Facebook group to see more of Rich’s handiwork. And dig this: He’s the colorist on Bob Layton’s variant cover to Dynamite’s Jonny Quest #1 coming Aug. 14:

Nice work, Rich!

So here are 13 DC STYLE GUIDE VARIANT COVERS WE’D LIKE TO SEE. (That Titans DC Style Guide art is by George Perez, by the by).

The 1982 DC Comics Style Guide is due in August. Click here to pre-order.


— EXTREME CLOSE-UP: Dig the Incredible Detail of the Upcoming DC COMICS STYLE GUIDE Release. Click here.

— INSIDE LOOK: The Source Copy of the 1982 DC COMICS STYLE GUIDE That’s Being Published as a Hardcover. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Oh, man, they are all great. Just when I settle on one, there is another…and another…I like, too.

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  2. The artwork screams Bronze Age greatness! I’m not a fan of the vertical arrangement. I think in those cases I’d rather see a 100 Page layout with a horizontal box and several smaller boxes or floating heads. A background color other than white might work too. That all said, I sure do miss “that” DC Comics and era.

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    • I miss the Bronze Age too. Seeing the use of the Giant and Dollar Comic format for some of these brought back wonderful memories. And the titles!

      Now that Standards Manual is publishing the Style Guide, I wonder if they’d be interested in publishing the Canceled Comics Cavalcade. Yes, I know some of the stories appeared elsewhere, but it’s still be great to have definitive collections.

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  3. These are all fantastic! Images definitely worth having! Thank you, Dan for posting them!

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  4. Rich Seetoo’s colors over those custom style guide variant covers by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and Dick Giordano really make the artwork pop!

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