13 Great DC Comics SLURPEE CUPS That Should Have Been

Now, this is how you market…

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first series of superhero Slurpee cups — DC’s 1973 collection of 60.

As we’ve written before — including most recently by Ramblin’ Rob Kelly — Marvel ran frozen circles around DC with its own Slurpee cups when they first hit two years later. DC used often-antiquated images that were typically clipped from comics. Marvel, on the other hand, offered vibrant designs and a much deeper, more compelling selection of characters.

As in:

Anyway, our pal Rich Seetoo, a DIY colorist, was inspired to shorten this gap by “creating” (via digital trickery) a run of DC Comics Slurpee cups that would have rivaled Marvel’s bolder offerings.

I picked 13, each of which features A) a character not done in ’73, OR B) a character who didn’t exist in ’73, OR C) an artist who was not active at DC in 1973, OR D) a vast improvement over what was originally released. Or some combination thereof.

If only these existed — then or now.

So let’s get our brain freeze on! In no particular order:

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art

Jerry Ordway

Murphy Anderson

Brent Anderson

Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson

Paul Smith

Nick Cardy



Bruce Timm

Jack Kirby


George Perez


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These are really inspiring and powerful “what-if” slurpee cups.

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  2. Those all look great ! A Kirby Demon cup would have been awesome as well as all the others.
    Where does that Murphy Anderson JLA/JSA pic come from ?

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    • First in JLA #76. Then again in #110 I think.

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      • I love the JSA but that pix always looks like Bats and Supes are standing on a crate or something. They look out of place. Were they added after the fact?

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  3. Wow, just got rid of my Bruce Wayne cup , too many cracks in it

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