13 GREAT PAGES: A TREVOR VON EEDEN Birthday Celebration

The artist turns 62!

Trevor Von Eeden — born 62 years ago on July 24, 1959 — was one of my favorite artists in the early-to-mid ’80s, most notably because of his work on Batman Annual #8 and Green Arrow.

Funny thing is, until a recent re-read, I had totally forgotten that he’d also done a series of backups in Batman and Detective too — featuring Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman and, yes, GA.

Typically, we do a 13 COVERS salute for birthdays but I was so taken by Von Eeden’s characteristically kinetic layouts that I decided to go with 13 GREAT PAGES instead — all from that period.

One more thing: Von Eeden was the first artist to draw Batgirl as a badass. She’d been depicted as sexy or even prim in the past, but the page we’re leading off with here shows Barbara Gordon to be as intimidating as Batman, which is groovy as hell.

Dig it.

Detective Comics #518

Batman #341. Mike DeCarlo inks.

Batman #346. Pablo Marcos inks.

Detective Comics #521

Batman #347. Marcos inks.

Detective #522

Batman #348. Marcos inks.

Green Arrow #4. Dick Giordano inks.

Batman Annual #8

Green Arrow #1. Giordano inks.

Batman #345. Marcos inks.

Green Arrow #2. Giordano inks.

Batman Annual #8


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. A sheer talent for sure. Sending out a happy birthday!

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  2. So now I’m totally needing a “DC Universe by Trevor Von Eeden” hardcover.

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  3. Trevor is a vastly underrated artist who has an amazing story of almost getting a major Batman gig and then being turned out. His work should stand among the giants. Huge fan.

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  4. Wish Barbara Randall and Von Eeden had gotten more then two issues to tell BATGIRL stories.
    Their one 2-part Velvet Tiger story in DETECTIVE COMICS #518-519 was a a breath of fresh air.

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