13 Gorgeous Original MICRONAUTS Pages: A MICHAEL GOLDEN Birthday Salute

The Bronze Age stalwart turns 65 — and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK at IDW’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition for you…

I don’t think a 12-year-old in 1979 had any right to expect that a comic based on the Mego toyline Micronauts would become a beloved Marvel classic. I should know: I was one.

But Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden’s The Micronauts was something special, far transcending its source material both in terms of scope and longevity. (The original comic lasted four years longer than the toy line.)

Over the decades, The Micronauts has become a stout cult-fave and IDW’s Scott Dunbier has compiled another superb mega-volume with the forthcoming Michael Golden’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition.

The oversize hardcover replicates Golden’s original art in its full size. The 184-pager is due Oct. 14 and will feature six complete issues — Micronauts #3, #7, #8, #9, #11 and #12. There will also be a hefty gallery section, including story pages (something from each issue drawn by Golden), covers, pin-ups and more. The list price is $150.

As it happens, Golden — born Oct. 1, 1955 — is turning 65. Perfect time for this EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK at 13 PAGES from the edition.

So let’s jump into inner space!

Issue #1, Page 1. Josef Rubinstein inks.

Issue #11 cover

Issue 6, Page 1. Rubinstein inks.

Issue #19 cover

Issue #8, Page 22. Bob McLeod inks.

Issue #10, Page 15. Al Milgrom inks.

Issue 11, Page 7. Milgrom inks.

Corner box art

Issue #12, Page 1. Milgrom inks.

Issue #12, Page 2

Issue #12, Page 22

Issue #20 cover

Promo published in Jim Steranko’s Mediascene magazine.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I remember having a small collection of them. Rom and Marionette were my favorites. Awesome memories, great times.

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  2. I loved this comic. I was so disappointed when the new reboot of the line came out and was missing some of the key characters.

    MG’s art is fantastic. I also enjoyed when he drew BATMAN. Super nice guy, I met him a few years back at Mega-Con in Orlando. Happy birthday!

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  3. The Grape Nuts cover has long been a favorite of mine, from any series. Who would NOT buy that to find out what’s going on?

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  4. Thanks for sharing these classic pages… happy birthday Michael

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  5. Literally the comic book run and the artist that sparked my lifelong love of the medium. Moreover, this book and Golden’s art awoke–at the tender age of 7!–my awareness of different artists and my ability to seek out the ones who really inspired me. Happy Birthday, Mr. Golden. All these years later, and your stuff remains my favorite among favorites. (And OMG, thanks so much for the MARVEL FANFARE work too.)

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