13 Fabulous BATMAN Holy Grail Toys — RANKED

TOYHEM! brings you a list selected by the editors of The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman…

Welcome to TOYHEM! For the fifth straight holiday season, we’re bringing you a series of features and columns celebrating the toys of our youth, which often made for the best memories this time of year. Click here to check out the complete index of stories — and have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays! — Dan

UPDATED 11/27/23: This piece first ran in Nov. 2019 but I got a special request to “reprint” it and was more than willing to oblige. Here’s the caveat: The prices have changed substantially, especially since the off-the-charts Batman toys auction from earlier this year. Nevertheless, it’s still a resonant survey of classic Batman toys so many of us want — or are fortunate to own. Dig it. — Dan

We’ve spent quite a bit of time lately on the new Overstreet Price Guide to Batman because, frankly, it’s really worth it.

So in launching TOYHEM! it only felt right to kick things off with THE TOP 13 MOST VALUABLE BATMAN TOYS — as researched by Gemstone Publishing’s crack staff, including Amanda Sheriff and Carrie Wood, two of the book’s editors and writers.

Now, a couple quick caveats before we get into the list and the colorful gallery accompanying it:

— The descriptions mention whether a toy is opened, unopened, complete and so forth. That’s obviously important. In addition, these are prices realized in public auctions.

— According to Sheriff, Bat-collector extraordinaire Art Cloos — major domo of the popular Batman Collectors Facebook group — pointed out to her that there are rare pieces not included here that haven’t come up in public auction for a long time, if ever, but have changed hands in private sales. So there are items that may be more valuable out there.

That said, this is a concrete list of confirmed prices realized in auctions.

Groovy. Let’s get to it.

Here are THE TOP 13 MOST VALUABLE BATMAN TOYS — RANKED, according to Overstreet:

13. Ideal Action Boy Robin (opened) in Near Mint condition has sold for $1,085.

12. Topp Batman Secret Super-Micro Radio (open) has reached $550 to $1,150 in different conditions.

11. Corgi rocket-firing Batmobile and Batboat on trailer gift set has sold for $240 to $1,260 in different conditions.

10. Mego Batman’s Wayne Foundation (opened, nearly complete) has realized $380 to $1,425 in various conditions.

9. Aladdin Industries Batman and Robin metal lunchbox with Thermos, complete in Near Mint sold for $2,465.

8. Ideal Captain Action Batman (unopened) has sold for $500 to $2,860 in a range of conditions.

7. Transogram Batmobile (open display) has sold for $450 to $3,290 in a range of conditions.

6. Marx water blaster prototype in Very Good condition has achieved $4,210.

5. Ideal Batman Utility Belt set (opened, complete) has realized $4,140 to $8,475 in different conditions.

4. Ideal Official Batman Play Set (opened, nearly complete) has sold for $4,250 to $10,245 in different conditions.

3. Ideal Official Batman & Justice League of America Play Set (opened, nearly complete) has sold for $4,500 to $10,755 in various conditions.

2. Marx Bagatelle game prototype in Fine condition has realized $11,825.

1. Ideal Super Queens Batgirl (unopened) in Near Mint condition has reached $17,925.

The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman is 416 pages and is published by Gemstone Publishing. It lists for $30 and is available in comics shops and from online booksellers.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I consider myself a Batman collector, but when I look at these items (some of which I never knew of) I realize I’m a tiny guppy among huge whales in an ocean of a hobby! Great stuff!!!

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  2. I have a 1960 batman skateboard by matel. Mint condition with its original box. I think it would be pretty collectible but I don’t know where best to sell /auction it. Can anyone advise? Thanks

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    • Could always put it on ebay or find a auction house and try it there

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