Inside the Art of BATMAN Collecting

EXCLUSIVE: Robert M. Overstreet talks Caped Crusader with one of Batman’s best-known collectors…

As I noted the other day, The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman — a spectacularly illustrated 415-page volume of historical essays and price guides — is one of the most anticipated Batbooks of the year.

To give you a taste, we ran an EXCLUSIVE list of 13 MAGNIFICENT HOLY GRAIL BATMAN COLLECTIBLES from the book’s chief editors — Carrie Wood, Amanda Sheriff and Robert M. Overstreet. (Click here.)

Meanwhile, the wait for the book is almost over: It’s due in comics shops Nov. 13 and booksellers by the end of the month. (You can also click here to order it directly from Gemstone Publishing.)

But get this: We have another EXCLUSIVE for you — an excerpt from the volume that gets to the heart of why all us Batfans do what we do.

The Art of Batman Collecting is an interview with Art Cloos — one of fandom’s best-known Bat-Collectors and the administrator of the popular Batman Collectors Facebook group — by none other than Overstreet himself.

I hasten to add that this is but a tiny fraction of what’s in the The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman — just check out the table of contents:

Cool, right? And you can look forward to more 13th Dimension coverage in the weeks ahead.

Now, here are Art and Bob:

The Overstreet Price Guide to Batman is 416 pages and is published by Gemstone Publishing. It’s due in comics shops Nov. 13 and booksellers by the end of the month. The book, which lists for $30, can also be ordered directly through Gemstone. (Click here.)


13 Magnificent Holy Grail BATMAN Collectibles. Click here.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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