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Now this is a costume I would given anything to wear when I was Little Dan.

I LOVED Lost in Space. It was a Channel 5 staple in the early ’70s and it was one of my first favorite shows, in competition with Batman. Obviously, Batman won out, but hey, I still have a soft spot for the crew of the Jupiter 2.


This is a case where looking through cartoonist Chris Ecker’s enormous collection has been an education for me. Because if I’d seen this costume when I was a kid, I definitely would have been Major Don West for Halloween one year. (He was my favorite. Makes sense. He’s kind of a dick.)

In keeping with the Ben Cooper milieu, it’s not exactly show-accurate — but not as far off as it could have been, if you compare the costume to the show’s early days. I really dig the Lost in Space logo on the chest, though. That just looks cool.


And did they ever carry ray guns like that? I dunno. I can barely watch the show now, so someone will have to tell me.

How cool would have an Athena costume been?

How cool would have an Athena costume been?

So much fun.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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