13 COVERS: When SUPERMAN and BATMAN Switched Identities

What if the Man of Steel and the Darknight Detective were the same guy?

Hey, remember Jacob Edgar, the up-and-coming artist whose amateur Batman and Superman work you fell in love with a while back?

He’s the guy who gave us gems like this:

Well, Jacob’s been pretty busy of late. He’s done some Batman work for DC (hooray!) but now he has a groovy new Kickstarter comics project called Alter Ego, with Nate Cosby, Kike J. Diaz and Rus Wooten. The gist: What if a superhero who is a bright beacon of hope by day spends his nights as a dark creature of vengeance?

Nifty, eh? Click here for more details — as well as extras by the likes of Phil Hester, Wilfredo Torres and Declan Shalvey.

Anyway, when I heard the concept of the project, I immediately thought about how often Superman and Batman have switched personas (kinda/sorta at times) since the Golden Age and came up with a 13 COVERS gallery. I do admit I cheated a bit, though: I included three Composite Superman issues just because of the imagery, as well as two times the Man of Steel and Dark Knight stepped into each other’s boots in animation.

Dig it — and, again, check out Alter Ego’s Kickstarter. It gets the official 13th Dimension Seal of Approval!

Right on.

Win Mortimer

Neal Adams

Curt Swan pencils, Stan Kaye inks

Swan and George Klein

Dick Dillin pencils, Sheldon Moldoff inks

Swan and Klein

Swan and Kaye

Superman: The Animated Series episode “Knight Time”

Rich Buckler pencils, Frank Giacoia inks

Buckler and Dick Giordano

Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode “Battle of the Superheroes!”

Keith Giffen pencils, Larry Mahlstedt inks

Jim Aparo

For more info on the Alter Ego Kickstarter, click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I would include JLA: Foreign Bodies, a fun one-shot in which Kobra causes the Justice League to switch bodies. An entertaining modern take on a classic Silver Age plot.

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