13 COVERS: The Brilliant SPIDER-MAN Stories of GERRY CONWAY

One of comics’ greatest storytellers turns 69…

It’s self-evident that Gerry Conway — born 69 years ago on Sept. 10, 1952 — is one of the greatest writers in comics history. He has an enormous body of influential work with Marvel and DC going back about 50 years or so, and comics creators today — not to mention filmmakers, video-game designers and TV producers — are still taking cues from his work. (Conway himself has also worked in TV and film.)

But in my mind, Conway’s 1972-75 run on The Amazing Spider-Man is not only his best output, it’s the best Spider-Man run ever. And we’re not even talking the death of Gwen Stacy, either. We’re talking the Harry Osborn/Green Goblin II saga, the debut of the Punisher and the introduction of long-lasting villains like the Jackal, Man-Wolf, Hammerhead and the Tarantula.

ASM #136. Pencils by Ross Andru. Inks by Frank Giacoia or Dave Hunt.

Best of all, Conway was able to seamlessly weave all the bombastic battling with the soap opera that swirls around Peter Parker and his large civilian supporting cast.

It didn’t matter whether Conway was collaborating with John Romita, Gil Kane or Ross Andru — superstar artists all — he always brought the goods. It’s a run that stands the test of time and is as exciting now as it was years ago.

So here are 13 COVERS that celebrate the many highlights of Conway’s Spider-Man.

Dig it.

Conway’s debut. Cover by John Romita, possibly with Frank Giacoia inks.



I’m pretty certain this was my first Spider-Man comic. Cover by Romita.


Gil Kane pencils, Giacoia inks

Romita, with an assist from Tony Mortellaro


Kane pencils, Romita inks

Romita, possiblt with an assist from Mortellaro

Kane pencils, Romita inks

Romita or Kane pencils, Romita inks



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great run on those books. He must have been about Peter’s age when he wrote those, even more remarkable…

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  2. 138, the Mindworm. I love that issue. Good to see it recognized here. This was my era.

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