13 COVERS: An IRWIN HASEN All-Star Birthday Salute

The late Golden Age favorite was born 103 years ago…

Irwin Hasen — born July 8, 1918 — was not only the artist on the popular comic strip Dondi, he was a highly respected creator in the Golden Age.

Green Lantern and Wildcat — the latter of whom he co-created — are probably his best known characters, but he was also a Justice Society of America stalwart in All-Star Comics.

Dig these 13 COVERS, all culled from that famed title:

Bob Oksner inks

Bernard Sachs inks

Sachs inks

Oksner inks

Hawkman head by Joe Kubert


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. What a guy.. .he had TWO stellar careers, and was loved by everyone he met.

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  2. Hard to believe this is the same artist who brought us Dondi (which I used to read when I was a kid in the NY Daily News).

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  3. I as only able to meet Irwin Hasen once, when he and his old friend and boss Julius Schwartz were sharing a table at Motor City Con. I asked both to sign my copy of Roy Thomas’ then new All-Star Companion Volume 1. They had fun looking through the book, and Hasen made a hilarious comment about the photo of young Julie that Thomas included in the book:

    Hasen: “You were one handsome Mother F$%#er!!!”

    Needless to say, that made the whole con experience for me.

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  4. So was Irwin the first to draw a cover with the big three on it? That makes this one of the best covers from the Golden Age!

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