ALL-STAR SQUADRON: Get Lost In This Amazing ALTER EGO Cover — Coming Soon

Roy Thomas’ mag will devote an issue to the fan-fave series…

Roy Thomas has long been one of comics’ most prolific creators, whether you go back to his fanzine days, his years at Marvel and DC, or his current run as editor of the latter-day Alter Ego.

But get this: Of all of Thomas’ groundbreaking and entertaining works we ever write about, All-Star Squadron seems to be the title that engenders the most passionate, devoted response from readers.

Well, you’re in for a treat then, because Alter Ego #175 — due in 2022 — is dedicated to the Earth-Two series and it boasts a spectacular wraparound cover by Arvell Jones (inked by Bob McLeod).

Dig this:

And here’s the official description from publisher TwoMorrows:

May 2022 – 84 pages (FULL COLOR)

Spotlighting the artists of Roy Thomas’ 1980s DC series All-Star Squadron! Featuring illuminating interviews with artists Arvell Jones, Richard Howell, and Jerry Ordway, conducted by Richard Arndt! Plus—the Squadron’s final secrets—including an amazing universe of previously unpublished Squadron art, including covers for issues that never existed by pro and amateur artists alike! Also: FCA, Michael T. Gilbert, and more! Wraparound cover by Arvell Jones! Edited by Roy Thomas.

A few thoughts:

— Fun fact: All-Star Squadron #1 came out 40 years ago last week. Click here for more on that.

— The issue lists for $9.95 and is due April 13, 2022. It will be available at comics shops and magazine sellers but you can already pre-order it from TwoMorrows. Click here.

— Thomas tells me the AE image — which is poster-worthy if you ask me — was a commission by Jones. He also pointed out the coincidental juxtaposition of the classic JSAers and the All-Star Squadron — noting that many of the Squadron members are actually on the back cover.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Take my $$$! Anything Earth-2, I’m there. Agreed…. poster worthy for sure.

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  2. YES! I will have this issue! Note: If you are reading this and you work for DC or know an insider, please get All-Star Squadron reprinted in color! Omnibus preferably, hardcover series, compendium, complete set of really nice paperbacks… whatever it takes, just please get it done!!

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    • Agreed! I prefer hardcover too. I also am to the point of slowly replacing the best runs with reprints. The day is coming to get rid of the boxes. Just too hard to go back and enjoy. And I don’t buy any of the new stuff anymore.

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  3. … and bring back the Original, true, All-Star … Justice Society of America…!!
    If you can’t remember who’s in the Society…. call me.!!

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  4. Sold! You had me at “All Star Squadron”! [Insert heart emoji]

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  5. LOVED this series! I see a lot of misplaced disdain for Roy Thomas online, but to me he can do no wrong! While writing this series he was also writing Captain Carrot and Arak… talk about variety! And with Alter Ego delivering the goods straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s a definite buy for me!

    Also, I 100% agree with all the comments calling for quality reprints of this material. Take my money!!

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    • I AGREE Tonebone, Roy Thomas is one of The Best Earth 2 Writers DC has ever used!

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  6. Long time, everything TwoMorrows, subscriber. So looking forward to this one.

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  7. Best series can still remember buying it was so cool 🙂

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  8. I always bought All-Star Squadron when Batman & Robin were on the cover which wasn’t often but I ended up buying about 40-45 issues of the series.

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  9. My number one disappointment in comics was to see Crisis On Infinite Earths – which I liked a lot – ruin the best ever comic series, All-Star Squadron. I want to see a continuation and several tie-in series, with all the original golden age heroes present.

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